A bit casino history

The word casino means a facility that houses gambling activities. Casinos are usually built near or combined with tourist attractions. These can be hotels, cruisers, restaurants, retail shopping and others. These casinos are usually hosting live performances like stand-up comedies.

The word casino comes from Italy and it meant a small villa, a summerhouse or pavilion on the ground of a larger building. In modern Italian it means closed house. The first casino was built probably in 1638 in Venice. With time the term casino included other buildings that offer pleasurable activities, like gaming, sports or meetings. There are casinos that do not offer gambling, like the Copenhagen Casino, which was a theatre and had a big meeting hall, therefore it was used for meetings.

Man built casinos because he likes to play. Seeing that people play even if they lose led to the conclusion that casinos must be built. With time big casino centers have formed, like Las Vegas. Probably here are the biggest casinos and the most of them. At first playing in casinos was a privilege of the rich. They went in casinos and played for nice sums of money. This was a very popular entertainment, and it was good for both the players and the owner. The owner won money on clients and the players felt good.

Nowadays casinos include a lot of casino games. These games are made of a large variety of card games, board games, roulette, and slot machines. You can imagine all kind of games that are based on your luck. The luck is the factor why casinos go so well. You do not have much luck, so casinos can win money on you. A good casino provides a nice environment, music, mood for play. The quality of a casino can vary. There are small ones for poor people and big, fancy ones for rich people.

The newest invention in the world of casinos is online casino. These internet services are like big casinos, the only difference is that you play from home sitting in your chair in the front of the computer. They provide the same games, but not the same excitement. There are online casinos which require a sum of money to log on and you can play for money and even win. There are also online casinos that are for free. A free casino online provides all the games needed for a casino, but the money or credit is not real. People use these web sites only for entertainment.

Casinos have a nice history. If we take a look at it, we can realize that they emerged when the money became an important factor in the everyday life.