Craziest Online Casino Promotional Stunts

“Don’t you dare thinking about getting anything for free!” This is probably what’s on the minds of casino owners when they are offering a promotion, free money, bonuses, drinks and cigarettes or exotic vacations.

But who are these people anyway? And why are they doing it? Why would anybody throw away free stuff? Oh…wait a minute, these things are not for free, and these are the Craziest Online Casino Promotional Stunts.

The industry of luck is called “the gambling industry”, one of the most powerful and influent businesses on the face of the earth.

What is more exciting than winning? Exactly! Nothing. That is why this industry has grown over the internet. You cannot sit down and surf the internet quietly without bumping into an online sportsbook, or a casino offering promotions, free money or whatever. The casinos are willing to do everything to get attention, and they are willing to pay as much as possible to get what they want.

If you have been surfing on the internet a couple of times and some casinos caught your attention, you can surely tell that one of the top online casinos is the Golden Palace Casino, which is always in the front line in offering crazy promotions. For instance you can make a Golden Palace tattoo and get 10 thousand dollars from the casino for making it, or you can name your new born child Golden Palace. Regarding this phenomenon I don’t think you need a casino guide to find the most attractive casino on the internet.

A couple of years ago a similar crazy promotion caused controversy in the United States and ended with the tragically death of the man involved in it. This happened at one of the top rated online casinos. The casino offered 100 thousand dollars for a man who was willing to have surgery and wear silicone breast implants with the name of the casino encrypted on them for a year. Of course it caused controversy, but after a year of wearing the implants it was too late to get them out, the 30 year old men developed cancer and died a couple of years later.

It seems that it doesn’t bother anyone when sometimes these things go over the top. Everybody agrees on the fact that the best place to organize and promote such things is over the internet, because you have access to more people and you can promote your crazy stuff all around the world just for a couple of cents or sometimes even for nothing.

It is more important to find out why people are doing these kinds of things. Just because we live in a crazy world, it doesn’t mean that we can buy anything and anyone we want with money.