First what is the type that you’ve hit?

Use these strategies in the online poker scene, this way you will not be considered a fish or a donkey. Also playing poker in casinos can improve with these strategies. Snatch those deposit casino bonuses and steal away the casinos’ their money. Also in the land based casinos it is imperative to learn to poker like a pro.
This will be explained next

* Types of hands number three
* Monsters are two pair or better hands.
* Incomplete/unfinished hands are named draws

Following the chart stating which hands to play at what position or maybe everybody limped and you are the big blind and got to see the flop for free. Next up comes that famed flop, the three cards that make the difference between losers and winners. Of course, naturally you evaluate the strength of the hand you get on the flop or: what type of hand did I make?

Basically there are three types of hands; they were already good, they could become good with specific cards and worthless hands. The hand that could become good is called a draw and the last is called trash.

* Made Hands

This name is reserved for the cards that were strong already and are still the best hand. Examples are three of a kind but even pairs fall into this category. They also have little chance to improve and you can call these monsters.

* Unfinished Hands / Draws

These hands need a few cards to improve but are a decent hand nonetheless. Example is you have two spades but you do not hit a pair but you hit two spades. Now if you get one more spade you have a flush so this is, surprisingly, called a flush draw.

* Hands with little value / Trash

This hand is called thrash not for nothing. This hand is not strong and does not have any chances or very little to improve. You will rarely survive the showdown and this hand calls for some heavy bluffing.