Las Vegas Gaming Online

One would think that there is no gambling out of Las Vegas. Is that true? What are the options given by online casino
? What the software has to offer? Is it possible to feel the Vegas experience online? The answer to all these questions is yes; nowadays everything is possible thanks to the internet. In terms of gambling, you can do everything online what you can do in Las Vegas. Let us now see the brief description of some online casinos which promise the Las Vegas experience!
In most cases the casino’s name involves Las Vegas, to show what they offer. According to the name, you can find Las Vegas in the name of the casino’s web page. But we should make one thing clear from the beginning: even if the casino is named Las Vegas or Vegas, or something which involves the city’s name, it does not have to be stated in Las Vegas. What should an online gambler do if he or she is looking for the Vegas experience? It is easy: one should join a casino which offers it! Here are only a few examples with descriptions. But let us think first: what is the real Vegas experience? One could say that the crowded, glamorous casinos make Las Vegas. But there is much more! Among the experiences are the big bonuses and huge winnings. You can find all these in a Las Vegas themed online casino.
One of the good examples is Casino LasVegas, which is online from 1997. If a casino survives in the online competition this long, it means that it really has something to offer. It also means that it is a safe casino; otherwise it would not have survived this long. The casino offers a huge sign-up bonus, compared to other casinos; the amount offered is $ 400. There is the option to become a VIP member, this way you will have a personal account manager who will keep in touch with you, and inform you on anything which happens with your account. Also, VIP members have more benefits than other members. The software is developed by PlayTech, one of the biggest names in online casino software, so you can be sure of the glamorous experience. The software contains around 80 casino games, the picture and sound quality is high in all of them. Besides the sign-up bonus and the free software, the casino offers a lot of other bonuses, which are all Las Vegas sized. Customer support is great, they have a toll-free number, along with an international number, there might be a representative in your country, or you can chat and email one of the customer service representatives. All in all, Casino LasVegas promises and offers the real Vegas experience for people who want to play Las Vegas style. Let us now see another casino which promises a real Vegas experience.
Another casino which promises the Las Vegas experience is Las Vegas USA casino. This casino too, has great bonuses! They do not have a sign-up bonus, but they offer a great first deposit bonus: 125 % of your first deposit. But this is not all! Loyal players also get a loyalty bonus from time to time, players who invite their friends might get a bonus $ 20, and also there is a weekly reward of $ 1000. This last type of bonus is divided between ten lucky casino players, so it actually consists of ten prizes, each of $ 100. As a last type of bonus, each month they draw the names of five players who win $ 50 each. This casino too offers free downloadable software, but you can also play online, without downloading anything, so this could be a solution for you when you are in a hurry. You just open their homepage, and play instantly. This too is a safe casino, because it is certified by a third party. Casinos which are certified by a third party are usually safe, and you do not have to worry that they will steal your money or personal data. You have several deposit options, so you may deposit your money in the most convenient way for you; but if you choose the method preferred by the casino you will also get a 15% bonus. Their customer service is good; they have a toll-free number both for Canada and the United States of America. Of course, customer service is 24/7, seven days a week. If you are not from the mentioned countries, and do not want to pay for contacting them, you can ask your question via email or chat. In case of email, they guarantee an answer within 24 hours. The picture and sound quality of the software is good, so the casino offers a great gaming experience, with over 80 casino games.
I presented only two Las Vegas style online casinos, so you see that it is possible, but there are many other certified and safe Vegas style casinos on the internet. One can gamble online and still feel like he is in Las Vegas. Online casinos offer just as much as Vegas casinos do. They have that special something, the big prizes, all the games, if not even more and the great feeling of gambling
. And why should you leave your house if you can live the same thrill and can win big amounts of money right from your chair? The choice is yours now that you know that it is possible to gamble Vegas style from the comfort of your own home. Good luck in choosing the best Vegas style online casino!