. Online casinos’ and gambling softwares’ structure

Online casinos have undergone evolution and seen their structure improved in the last years. They are mainly composed by the following elements: a gaming software, management monitoring servers and andom number generators. The gambling software allows better management of any online casino game (roulette, poker, slots, baccarat, etc.. ) both for the easiness of interaction and the high-quality graphics. Depending on security related matters, gambling softwares can be classified in two categories: remote softwares (developed using Flash or Java technologies) and downloadable softwares to be installed on your pc. Let’s have a look to their advantages and disadvantages:

    • Remote softwares: they do not require installation and can be used from any gaming post. These applications do not use too much system resources and avoid any risks related to viruses, spywares and dialers. Among their disadvantages are long charging time and basic and minimalist graphics;
    • Downloadable softwares: they have reduced charging time, painstaking graphics with sound effects reproducing at best the gambling rooms. Among their disadvantages are limited compatibility with some operative systems (e.g. MAC) and the risk of getting viruses while downloading if the software is not certified.

Random number generators are softwares based on complex algorithmic calculations assuring perfect events randomness (cards combinations, slots results, dice throwing, etc.). Finally, the management monitoring servers are centralised computers managing the whole system which are physically installed in the countries that can grant regular gaming licences.