Rules of Craps

In a casino the busiest table is usually the craps table, at least that is what it always looks like.  It is because there is a crows of people standing around the table placing bets and calling for certain rolls or numbers. Maybe you asked yourself on multiple occasions, how does this game work. One look at the table and all you see is a collection of lines and numbers. This game is a nice fast paced game, and like everyone else says it is easy to learn. First thing you need to learn are the basic bets so a novice can just ease into the more advanced stuff. You play craps with a standard pair of dice, numbered from one to six. The main goal of craps is for the Shooter to name a Point number and roll that number before rolling seven (craps). The player currently rolling the dice is called the Shooter. For the Point numbers you can only choose the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. The bets are very diverse in nature but start off learning the basics. You shoot the dice (roll) from one end of the table to the other end. If you want the throw to count, or called Fair, both of the dice need to hit the other wall. If you are an obvious novice, the occasional short throw is not a very big deal. You get paid on the ratio of number being rolled against a seven being rolled. Example, the four will show up 3 out of 36 times, while the seven will come 6 out of 36 times. So the odds for the four are six to three, or two to one. The four gets paid however as nine to five, this is where the house gets their edge. You take turns rolling the dice and go clockwise around the table. When it is your turn you can say Pass to not thorw the dice, either because you do not feel lucky or are just not upt to it. The first roll of a new Shooter is called the Come Out Roll. Now for the most basic bet, the Pass Line. This is located at the edge of the table where the craps players will be standing. If you place a bet here you are betting with the Shooter. When the Shooter rolls an seven or eleven the Pass Line wins with even odds. When the Shooter rolls a two,three or twelve the Pass Line loses but the Shooter stays the same. Only when a seven comes up the someone else becomes the Shooter. Every other number that comes up is to be the Point. When the Shooter rolls a Point number the dealer will slide a puck with On on it to the Point number and turn it white side up. If the Point number is rolled before the seven, the Pass Line wins, and the Shooter begins rolling for a new Point. If a Shooter Sevens Out (Craps Out), the puck is moved to the Don’t Come bar and turned black side up with the word Off on it. When again a Point is rolled you can make a bet on the Come line. The Come Line is behind the Field at both sides of a craps table. If you placed a bet on the Come Line, if the seven or eleven comes up you win with even odds. When a two,three, or twelve is rolled you lose the Come bet. Any other number becomes a Come Point and your Come bet will be placed upon that number. These Come Point numbers are situated behind the Come Line. If you want to win a Come Point bet you must hope that the number will come again before seven. If the seven does come up before it, you lose that bet. Then you also have a Don’t Come bet. If a seven, three or a two is rolled you win and a twelve is a push. If you placed a bet on the Come line or Pass line, you can take odds on a Point number. This where the player can take their money. In most casinos you can only bet three times the Pass Line bet and that is called Taking Full Odds. Yet there are some casinos that even offer 100 times the bet. The numbers with their odds have different payouts. Or on any number, this is called a Place Bet and the payouts are located below the number.

You can also place a Field bet, that is an area in front of the Come Line. This means that when you place a bet there if a person rolls a two,three,four,nine,ten, eleven or twelve you will win.  This bet pays double, only a two pays double and sometimes a twelve even triple but otherwise also double. As you might guess, a five, six, seven or eight cancels the Field bet. The guy with the stick who shuffles everything is called the Stick Man. He has a bunch of boxes and numbers in front fo him, these are called Proposition bets. These can be made before every dice roll. If you place a bet on two (Snake eyes) or on twelve, you get a payout of thirty to one, and three and eleven fifteen to one. All of these are one roll bets. There is also a Horn or Horn High bet. A Horn bet is a bet on a combination of four numbers, in this case always two,three, eleven and twelve. A Horn High bet has an extra amount on one of the four numbers. If you say you want a five dollar Horn High Twelve bet, it means you put two dollars on twelve and one dollar on the rest. You can also make a Hard Way bet. You only have a few set of Hard Ways, namely Hard 4, Hard 6, Hard 8 and a Hard 10. It just means that a pair is being rolled, so a pair of twos,threes,fours and fives. If this combination comes up before a seven or another combination, such as the Come bet or another Hard Way or the same number but not a Hard, you win otherwise you lose. These stay on the table until you lose.  There is also the Any Craps bet, this means you are betting that either a seven or an eleven is rolled. Sometimes you can move bets around or removed during play, Pass Line Odds, Come Bet Odds, Don’t Pass Bet, Don’t Come Bet and any Place Bet. They can be removed before any dice roll. You can put your bets on Off, this means they are out of play and will not win or lose, but only before a dice roll. Only Pass Line Bets and Come Bets cannot be called Off. This is a lot of information in one go, so stick with a few standard bets at first. So only place Pass Line bets, Come bets and maybe a few Place bets. If you are confused or you do not know something do not hesitate to ask the dealer, or other players. Have fun and roll ‘em.