Strategies for not losing money with poker

Covered will be within this article
* If this case the tighter the righter
* What makes a strong hand a strong hand
* You have to take good care of powerhouse hands
Online poker is a serious game, also a game in which you need to minimise the losses. This is to maximize the winnings. If you pay to see the flop ten times you lose, in a 5/10 cents game of fixed limit, 50 cents. If you win one pot of three people coming to the flop and leaving again, that will be thirty cents total in which you paid already ten. Meaning that you lost thirty cents total, and that is only the low limits. This is unnecessarily lost money, in tournaments this means you lost a great advantage. You need to play tight in online casinos, online poker rooms and kitchen tables. Normal casinos give you also a good opportunity to play and learn. Just find a nice casino, online casino or physical, and play.

Before the flop, pre flop, you have to decide am I going to pay to see those first three cards. The next thought that will lead to a decision is how much am I willing to pay.

A lot of beginners play too many hands. So also weak hands, that means for you that if you have a good hand you can easily take their money. Downside is that they even play Ten Four, so when a Ten and a Four show up you could be in a losing position already. Just remember to play tight, and not to stretch the draws too long. If you have not hit your draw on the turn, get out of there.