. Winning roulette at an online casino

Do you want to earn money fast and easily? Are you looking for tips how to win roulette and how you can beat the online casinos? Then you have come to the right place!

Our staff has been busy studying online casino games and finding out what the best strategies are for a long time. So far we hardly earned any money, and we have been wasting a lot of precious time on the computer. But our hard work has paid off. We have found a way how you can win with roulette easily. Follow the next steps, and you will be able to win with roulette at an online casino.

What you should know, is that an online casino roulette is driven by a generator of meaningless numbers in a CPU in your computer. Experience has taught us that this generator does not work completely random, it follows a certain algorithm. We are not going to worry about what happens in the CPU when we are playing roulette. We just want to win. But that is not a problem. Thanks to this, we can say that (in 99% of the cases) every time that we get the same result 3 times, the exact opposite is going to happen.

Let’s make ourselves a bit more clear: When you get the outcome of 3 times red, then it is 99% sure that the next colour will be black. Why will it be handy to know this? Easy: This way, you only have to see what happens the first three times, and then you can place your chips on the opposite colour. How can I wait the first 3 rounds without losing any money? You should just place the minimum bet on both colours. This system will only work when you play at the outside of the table. You can bet on red, black, even and uneven etc. We recommend you to change your strategy as often as possible (the first time wait for 3 times red and the second time wait for 3 times even) to confuse the artificial intelligence of the software.

What will happen when I get the same outcome for a fourth time? Do not worry: Double your bets and you will earn all your money back the next round.

Some suggestions: Always pick a roulette table with one zero. Never pick a roulette table that has a live dealer. Do not go too far, winning a couple of hundred dollars a night is more than enough, and you should be satisfied with that. When lady luck is not by your side, then quit playing and try it again some other time. It has never been easy to win at roulette.