. World Series of Poker is getting bigger

The amount of people that play in the WSOP (World Series of Poker) in Las Vegas keeps growing every year. Of course poker is becoming more popular in the world. The amount of people that play online poker every day keeps growing.
With that the people that qualify for the WSOP trough poker tournaments in the online poker rooms is also getting more. This year the total amount of contenders at the WSOP is 54.288. When Doyle Brunson was playing in the old days there where 70 people playing the WSOP.

With the player volume increasing also the money to win gets bigger. When people play poker online the amounts of money u can earn playing in tournaments increases every day and it’s the same at the WSOP. Last year there was 159 million dollars to devide. This year it’s even more.

Also the nationalities are increasing every year. Poker is becoming widely know and there are more natonalities entering the WSOP of 2008 then the olympic games in 2006.In the years to come we will see a increase in poker on line and the land based tournaments like the WSOP.
When u want to join the fun and are looking for the best online poker stay tuned.

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